Chat bugs

I’ve noticed for months now, occasionally when a chat comes in, it will automatically assign this chat to one of my engineers, including myself sometimes. We have all of our chat policies go to an unassigned technician and it usually stays unassigned, but sometimes, a chat comes in and it already has me or someone else assigned when they haven’t touched anything. Anyone else seen this as well?

Hi @seth.bartlett, do you mind submitting a ticketing? This is my first hearing but want it to be tracked as well.

I’ve submitted a ticket, case 00164975. Had another one happen just a few minutes ago, automatically came right to me and I’m not even at my desk to take the chat and from other engineers, it seems like I just grabbed the chat that came in, instead of it being unassigned.

Any chance of a forgotten policy that still has you as the assigned chattee?

I’ve been seeing this pop up as well. It’s kind of a pain to have chats auto assign rather than coming in unassigned and allowing us to triage them appropriately. Any movement on your ticket lately?

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Unfortunately no, support had me try to make a change to one of our policies to force the policy to reapply to all of the machines and that still didn’t fix it. We have all of our policies set to unassigned but it will still sometimes randomly pick a tech. Last message from support:

Thank you for following up on this issue, apologies for the delay while we worked on getting to your ticket. We’re experiencing longer response times due to company-wide Octocon 2022 events last week and your patience is appreciated!

I appreciate you sending over this latest example, this confirms that the policy settings don’t seem to be responsible for the behavior and I have noted this is the escalation report to our developers. There are no new updates as of yet however I will be sure to notify you ASAP if there is any change to the status. Thanks for your continued patience!

Just had another one of these today, just automatically assigned to an engineer that was out in the field and not even signed into Syncro, we get no alerts or anything, so a chat sat out there for 40 minutes assigned to someone. We’ve never had our policies assigned to anything other than “Unassigned” and it’s extremely random on what PCs do it, I’m not even sure how a bug like this can happen, especially considering that I’ve never set it to a specific engineer and it sometimes will pick a different engineer, including myself.

Still a problem, but apparently not enough for Syncro to do anything about…

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