Guides on Forum

I would really prefer for the Guides like the nice SNMP / OIDS guide @randydod just posted to be both marked clearly as a Syncro Document and be locked so it does not get soiled with a bunch of comments including my own.

Maybe a title of “OFFICIAL - SNMP Assets and OIDS Guide” for example.

Added- I see it’s under docs, but I didn’t have any indication when I looked at it in the latest forum view.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the feedback. Can you post the URL of the forum view so I know what you are seeing?

Just the default community view . I didn’t realize the documentation was getting mixed in with forum/community posts. It’s just the nature of this forum software. My bad.

No problem! Yes, we made a decision to combine the knowledge base with the community forum so that, when people search for help, they are more likely to find an answer. If not, they can post a question there.

I also want to keep the KB articles clean, so what I will be doing is moving questions that are under an official KB to their own post in the community forum. I am going back to clean up those posts where that happened.

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