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Does it happen for others that when you click a topic here in the forum it places you at a weird location for the topic (ie you have to scroll up to see the question/comment/etc) and then when you go back it places you randomly in the list (ie you have to scroll back up to where you were)? A little disconcerting - not sure if it is just my account or something with how it is coded for navigating-

There was a thread on it here that fits your description: Something wrong with this forum - #12 by jordanritz

I’m not sure if it’s something we’re able to change but it is something we’re aware of.

Yes, it appears to be because of the big azz menu they have put at the top. I personally think that is overkill and could be minimized.

I have just gotten into the habit of not pressing the back button in the browser or the phone. Instead, I click on the Syncro logo that takes me back to the main page, and updates what my last read is, so it does more than just take me back.