Clicking anything opens new tab, unable to create appointments

Not sure if anyone else is noticing this, but on all our computers (and the web app on the phone) clicking almost anything in syncro opens a new tab. Annoying, but not the end of the world. The problem though, when clicking new appointment on a ticket, it opens a new tab too and the windows doesn’t work.

Just curious if this is something others are experience or not, before I open a support ticket.

Same issue here, Thought it was just me

Apparently I missed this topic when I posted mine only minutes later.

I am having the same problem but a little different, it only opens a new tab when i click something on the taskbar/navbar up top!

It could be the same for us, I just noticed it in a few places and concluded it must be everything haha.

They updated the status page. Investigating issue where page changes opening in new tabs - Status Page - Syncro

Looks like it may be solved, at least the tickets page isn’t opening a new tab every time.


Yes at least the ticket button is fixed now! amen