Navbar links all opening in new tabs now

Is there a reason that someone added a target="_blank" attribute to the navbar links? This is a rather disruptive change to my workflow. Where I could easily navigate in my Syncro dashboard, I am now constantly launched into new tabs, which is quite irritating to say the least.

It appears that its not just the navbar, but rather every link in the dashboard now has this highly disruptive attribute. I can’t even view a ticket from the board without it spawning new tab. I don’t what would drive someone to make such a horrible and destructive change, when it prevents anyone from using the same tab. Under the previous design, anyone who wanted to open links in a new tab could simply middle-click or right-click/open in new tab.

Strangely, I kind of preferred it for a moment.

It actually hinders other functions if everything opens in new tabs. I believe the RMM Splashtop, if it opens in a new tab, it shows the normal popup in the new tab but doesn’t initiate the connection. I’ve hit middle mouse button on it a time or two (or many) lol. I prefer things to open in the same tab unless I middle mouse button on it.

Hey all, this has been resolved. Sorry about this one.