Send Syncro Notifications and Ticket Lead Notifications that are DMARC Compliant

We need this ASAP. 50% of internet traffic is now bots. This is not going to decrease with AI, but increase. We need all the tools we can so legitimate traffic get’s through, and bots get the boot.


Any update on when this will be available?


+1 vote… i’m sending everything, so i thought through O365. but now i’m seeing some fail DKIM and its ticket notifications that come from is there any way to add the (sendgrid) DKIM to my domain so it will pass 100% of the time?


We have all of our mail sent through our Office365 no issue. AT one point I was using SMTP2GO, but I ended up moving it to O365 with DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

You can also look into Spamtitan. I use that frequently as a smtp relay that I can lock down to IP for things that do not support O365. That can do DKIM as well.

That is not possible. The Syncro platform insists on sending certain types of emails, through their own ESP servers regardless of tenant BYO SMTP settings. That is the whole point of this thread, and it has been a critical defect in the platform for at least the four and half years that I have been using it.

I have no expectation of Syncro fixing this crucial security failing until it is actively exploited to hijack one of their client tenants, and even then I wouldn’t put the odds of remediation at 100%.


Hrm… Well, I’m moving to HaloPSA so just chock that up to another critical flaw that Syncro will never fix. Because they have 1/10th the developers they need.

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Ok, we need to implement email best practices (as we should) and then open tickets with support because email notifications are not working, as a work round you can ensure SMS is working so you still get critical notifications. Maybe after a few hundred tickets on the same issue it will be prioritized.

In my view it’s a misconfiguration that Syncro needs to fix.

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SyncroMSP has been aware of this critical defect for years and not resolved it. I find your optimism refreshing. I have given up on Syncro ever fixing anything that matters to me.


Any updates on this?

I had to switch to my own SMTP in order to handle everything. I would have preferred to keep everything with Syncro. +1 for this as well.

+1 for this as well. As security is becoming more and more important for email communications.

I did all of the work to figure this out and typed an entire email to my account rep and just found this. Please fix this asap.


same here. There is another thread that goes beyond the DMARK issue. Send Syncro Notifications and Ticket Lead Notifications that are DMARC Compliant

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13 months later, still dealing with this issue.

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Gary, I don’t get it? Please explain your mail flow. We really need a solution. Too many customer complaints and cash flow challenges when our invoices don’t get to the customers



We use our Microsoft 365 account for outbound email. We control our domain, SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Pretty straight forward.

Well gary, some of us are using BYO, have SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup, and still have invoices going to quarantine, spam etc…Are you putting IP: addresses for syncro in your SPF?

I have not had any reports of this issue on our invoices. I may have to investigate but I thought all our invoices were coming from our primary Microsoft 365 email account and not from Syncro.

We have very tight email controls and we do not include any other servers in SPF besides our Microsoft 365 account.

I too discovered syncro were sending some notification emails (specifically from and and these were failing DMARC SPF alignment and rejected. Adding these mailservers to my own SPF makes no difference as noted above in this now disappointingly old and seemingly unaddressed thread.

I raised a ticket detailing it before I stumbled across this thread.

@garyh - did you look into your DMARC reports and discover some failures? I expect you will because as said above, it appears that we cannot force all email via our own mailservers and thereby conform to DMARC appropriately. I don’t personally use the billing side thankfully…

This is not a feature request, in my view it is a missing security requirement (or a flaw in syncro’s configuration), let’s not mix the two.

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Wait a second…am I missing something here??? Some of the industry leaders (GMAIL and YAHOO) are making a CRITICAL CHANGE with regards to DMARC on February 1st 2024 and SYNCRO is NOT going to fix this?

Again, what am I missing?

More important, is there a fix? I see that the MSP’s can do; BYOP SMTP but from what I am reading, that will NOT fix the entire problem. What should we all be doing?

And, my other curiously is, why isn’t the ENTIRE Syncro community outraged?

Seriously with less than 2 weeks to go…shouldn’t this be considered more of a CRITICAL issue??

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