Converting leads to tickets sends email

Starting yesterday, when a ticket is being created from a lead, an email response gets sent out immediately to whoever the lead was from that a ticket has been opened. No settings were changed and this was not happening prior to yesterday.

Does anyone know where any settings related to this would be?

This has happened to us starting yesterday I think as well. We have all our antivirus’s various kinds of chatty alerts going into leads and all the notifications are freaking our customers the heck out.

We have raised an ugent ticket with Synco support, and I recommend you do the same. Also, I have looked and have found no way to control this new unannounced behavior.

Same with us. Sending email reply reply stating “Hi customer, has opened a new ticket on your behalf.”

@Andy - is this being looked into? I’m seeing it too.


Yeah it is, I believe they posted something similar on our Known Issues Board earlier today.

Where are we with this?

This seems to be happening again as of a few minutes ago. I just got an example of it.