ScreenConnect Troubleshooting & FAQ

Syncro integrates with ScreenConnect, or as it is now known- ConnectWise Control. This will allow you to launch a Control session from within Syncro.

“Do you support ScreenConnect on-prem?”
Yes! :slight_smile:

“I tried to integrate but it’s just not working on my Asset”
There are a few required bits of data that need to be correct before it will communicate. Check these areas under Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect

  • Your ScreenConnect MSI file needs to be uploaded.
  • Your MSI file needed to be renamed to ‘screenconnect.msi’ before upload. If it was not, you can reupload this.
  • Your URL should have https:// at the start of it, unless you are on-prem.
  • Make sure you have the correct Instance ID, this can be found on the Installed Apps list of the Asset.

If you make any corrections here, give the Asset a few minutes to sync up. Once you see the GUID populate on the Asset Detail page, you should be able to start a session.

“I see Error 404 when starting a session?”
Your URL is likely missing https://

“I see an error that says the group All Machines is missing.”
This is more common with on-prem, but Syncro requires the ‘All Machines’ group to be present. If you are unsure how to add a group, this article will walk you through it: