ScreenConnect Troubleshooting & FAQ

Syncro integrates with ScreenConnect, or as it is now known- ConnectWise Control. This will allow you to launch a Control session from within Syncro.

“Do you support ScreenConnect on-prem?”
Yes! :slight_smile:

“I tried to integrate but it’s just not working on my Asset”
There are a few required bits of data that need to be correct before it will communicate. Check these areas under Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect

  • Your ScreenConnect MSI file needs to be uploaded.
  • Your MSI file needed to be renamed to ‘screenconnect.msi’ before upload. If it was not, you can reupload this.
  • Your URL should have https:// at the start of it, unless you are on-prem.
  • Make sure you have the correct Instance ID, this can be found on the Installed Apps list of the Asset.

If you make any corrections here, give the Asset a few minutes to sync up. Once you see the GUID populate on the Asset Detail page, you should be able to start a session.

“I see Error 404 when starting a session?”
Your URL is likely missing https://

“I see an error that says the group All Machines is missing.”
This is more common with on-prem, but Syncro requires the ‘All Machines’ group to be present. If you are unsure how to add a group, this article will walk you through it:

The ScreenConnect integration seems to use a generic installer from our company SC instance. However we have existing client “groups” defined in ScreenConnect. Does anyone know if the integration will match up assets with company/client names or will new ones be created in screenconnect? Or does it simply install the agent and allow the remote access button from within Syncro? We like to keep our SC instance as detailed and tidy as possible, and not wanting to lose that. The documentation makes it seem that once the installer is integrated with our Syncro instance, it will just add computers to the general computers list in ScreenConnect.

Additionally, what if our SC instance is already installed on endpoints? And those same endpoints are also managed by our Syncro RMM agent, but will not have the SC integration policy added. Does it re-install or skip?