Screenconnect integration for Mac is asking for a zip

I’m adding the Mac installer for screenconnect to the integration screen.


It’s asking for a zip file to be uploaded, but the screenconnect file is a pkg. Do I need to convert the pkg to a zip, or something else?

ScreenConnect is currently only supported through Syncro on Windows: Syncro Mac Agent

For Mac we support Teamviewer, and most recently the included Splashtop RMM version (not BYO at this time.)

Then the mac option should be removed from the screenconnect integration page.

Or well, I should clarify a bit. It can pass the ScreenConnect installer (in zip form) to the machine, but then you would manually install it, which is why it’s present in the app card. It’s not a full integration for Mac like it is for Windows though. Perhaps in the future, the Mac Agent just came out of beta so we’ve continued to expand the options it offers.

You can use ScreenConnect standalone if you wanted to.

We have tried this, but we are unable to find where it passes the file to. We have to download it manually and install it. Do you happen to know the file location that the zip goes to?