ScreenConnect instead of Spashtop

Forgive me if this is already covered, I did a few searches and couldn’t find the answer.

I’m relatively new to Syncro and would like to make Screen Connect my default remote tool instead of spashtop.

Three questions.

1, How do I do that?
2, I have my own licenses for Screen Connect, can I use those?
3, Does a license get consumed when installed or only when accessed remotely? Meaning, will I effectively have to pay for a license for every endpoint?


  1. Yes,

  2. Yes? Depends on your current screen connect license. The one you can get today normally has a limit/price per device. Others have on-premise pricing.

  3. Get the screen connect plugin in your Syncro App Center. Then follow: ScreenConnect Integration

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I asked about this, as I wanted to make SC my default, instead of having to click the dropdown arrow and then click SC. Syncro employee said can’t do that. The licensing, SC/ConnectWise Control is per technician. I’ve found the Premium level is worth the $12 per month for the 10 concurrent connections (plus you get video auditing). And, of course, the page to which Travis linked.

Mick, what are you doing causing trouble here buddy? Just call Syncro support. :smiley: