Splashtop - Remote Connect Cost


Can anymore tell me what the cost for adding a remote connection to a customer system is? As in customer access? I seem remember it was £5 but want to check before I offer it out as I cannot find it listed anywhere on Syncro.

Thank you!

Is this what you are after?


Cost is listed in the first paragraph.

Amazing, thank you!

I did do a search but didn’t find that.

Will this allow Barry and Carol to both be able to access a device, remotely? I have a client that ‘hotels’ their sales staff because they onlyhave the three computers in the office for them to access a particualr tool and 5 sales reps in the field. I would like to add all 5 to be able to access any of the three systems.

Basically there are two permission types for our Customer Portal, which is where users will access their asset list to remotely connect.

They can see all their devices they are assigned to, meaning they are the associated contact set on the asset. If they are set to just one, they’ll just see that one. If they are set to 10, they’ll see all 10.

The other options is to show all devices, period. That’s more for admin or oversight roles.

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