Limiting remote portal users access to specific pc's

We do have BYO splashtop but are apparently using the splashtop syncro supplies with the $5 subscription for remote access. This doesnt solve the problem i have of needing to assign 8 people, in a company of 90 people, to 2 endpoints, in a company with over 100 assets. How do i assign 8 people to 2 computers for remote access so those 2 computers are the only devices they see in the limited remote access portal?? is this possible without creating an entirely new customer profile?

No way to do this currently. You can assign an oversight role rights to see all endpoint, or have folks only see endpoints they are assigned to (which can be multiple if they are assigned to multiple.

No way to say you can access these 5 endpoints (that you aren’t assigned to), but not these 10 endpoints.