Rich Text Issues

Why, after 8 months, are email notifications still broken from the Rich Text update? I still get my notification emails sent with [image here] instead of the actual logo image.

for 8 months. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

If you need any assistance, please let me know. My developers can fix your email issues for a reasonable rate. We will fix it the first time. What we wont’ do is not fix it for 8 months, then offer more expensive packages so that you can get tech support.


I can’t stress enough how tons of little things add up to a big thing. I gave an analogy to Syncro in terms of roads. One major bug (one big pothole) is a lot easier to deal with or work around than tons of little bugs, which is like a road full of potholes that you can’t avoid and get jostled around non-stop by all of them. There are tons of small wins and easy fixes that go on for too long and it drags the platform down far worst than a single large item. As IT people, we know how easy it is to fix something, so it’s probably one of the worst offenses to us when something so easy doesn’t get fixed. I emailed checkcentral about their toast notification covering up the menu bar at the top. 5.5 hours later, they sent me a reply back saying they moved it and I verified that it was now working correctly. That’s how easy web elements are to fix.

When they hired the web designer, I thought she was going to go through and normalize the pages to be consistent, which would have greatly improved the QOL. I also thought they were working on a sidebar nav and also a new “Home” page that would be a good replacement to the dashboard. Maybe what they showed me was photoshop and not something that actually had dev time on it? It was a year ago now, so I can’t be sure on that one.

Scripting and Worksheets are strengths of SyncroMSP.
Everything else is barely above meh.