Remind customer to reply

I was wondering if there is any automation available for reminding customers to respond to tickets (eg. If we are waiting for a response from them).

I haven’t seen such an automation option any where, but I’m no expert. I agree, that it would be nice. We used to use such a feature when we were on a different PSA. I would welcome the feature in Syncro!

You can definitely do this with Ticket Automations. Here is an example:

This rule will email the customer every 72 hours. You can also have the action change the status to break the automation if you only want the message to be sent out once.

You can read more about Ticket Automations here:


Frank got it! Some like to remind the customer, remind the customer, and then close the ticket automatically. A reminder when doing a series, the ticket is “updated” when it runs, and you want it to change the status, so if you want it to fire at 72 hours and you had one fire at a 2 hours, you would set it to fire at 70 hours. Here’s an example of that:

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Good info everyone. Just tested it and it also works when a customer reply to the reminder.