SLA Breach Notification Timing

We would like to configure Syncro to send out a message to a specific technician when a ticket has been in the queue unassigned for 15 minutes, to a different technician if the ticket remains unassigned for 30 minutes, and to a third technician if the ticket remains unassigned for 45 minutes.

We have configured rules using the ticket animation module, but, as we understand it, those automations run every 60 or so minutes. This means that despite the automation being setup to notify if a ticket is unassigned for 15 minutes (which does work) we don’t get notified at the 15 minute mark. We get notified whenever the automation runs.

Has anyone configured this type of workflow?

Thanks in advance!

Not possible currently, 1 hour is the minimum time for an automation, and it checks every hour for matching conditions.

Thanks Jimmie.

Any creative workarounds for this?


Not that I am aware of, we could go down to every 1 minute with another PSA and were able to do just about any scenario. We used to have it alert us every 30 minutes if a ticket has no movement, but are forced to do it hourly instead, even then it’s not perfectly an hour like we’d want.

We were able to work around this by creating an SLA set to 15 minutes and then enabling the “apply to all tickets.”

Though this would need to be done for all customers and it is a one and done (as opposed to a workflow) this at least gets us a notification after 15 minutes. We can use the hourly automations to catch anything else.

Thanks for your help.