Refurbs - Resell Purchases

Our Refurbs Module is an expansion of Customer Purchases, to let you track inventory usage while you get items purchased from customers ready for sale.

What it Does

  • Send a Customer Purchase into the Refurb workflow
  • Add parts/labor/notes/etc to things you buy so you can track the work
  • Adding inventory items to Refurbs will take those items out of inventory
  • The "cost" (what you paid, not retail) will automatically adjust based on the items you put into the device

What it Doesn't Do

  • It's currently just based on the Customer Purchase and Parts modules - we are open to feedback about other items that should be able to get into Refurb


When purchasing an item from a customer, you'll see a button at the end of the flow:

Click Start Refurb

Clicking this button will bring up a modal asking for a description of the issue. This description is used as a short identifier of the kind of work needed. You can enter notes as you go later, so keep this brief.

Once you submit the issue description, you will be taken to the new refurb, which is full of information about the item you're working on.

Enter Issue

You can add items you used to work on the product in this form on the right, including labor and one-off items that you don't generally track. Anything you add will be reserved for this refurbishment at this point, so available quantities of stocked or serialized items will decrease.

Add part on hand

For items added that already have a cost specified, you will not be able to update the cost, but for one-offs and labor you can adjust the cost value to reflect each case. In this example, the adapter is an inventory item supplied through purchase orders, so we know how much it cost.

Part costs

Once you're ready, you can hit the big green Complete - Move to Stock button to add your new item to inventory. The cost of that item will reflect the effort and goods you spent on it, and the items used will be subtracted from your inventory.

Click Complete - Move to Stock

If you change your mind about refurbishing the product (if, for example, after looking the product is actually fine to sell as-is), you can hit 'Delete' and you will go back to the customer purchase page for that item.

 Delete button

Have fun tracking your refurbs!

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