Remove "Products"?

How do you remove products that you don’t use anymore?


They can’t be deleted, only disabled. It’s the last button on the right.

Oh, okay. Thanks!
Do you know the reason for this? Would be nice to do some clean up :slight_smile:

I imagine it would cause issues to truly delete it due to products being tied into tickets, invoices, etc

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Well this is extremely annoying as creating a product in Syncro and creating it Xero, so it can be mapped to the correct Purchase and Sale accounts creates an item in Xero. Now I have two of the same products Xero.

*The way to resolve this is figure out which maps to which by prefixing the name in Syncro > force a manual sync > then delete the item without the prefix in Xero. Now map the item in Syncro to the remaining one in Xero and then apply the Purchase and Sale accounts in Xero.

A little more to add here that I was not aware of, as soon as I make a new product in Syncro, it syncs it over to Xero.

@julian, I believe you can export your products to a CSV, set the delete column to TRUE, save and import the CSV again - HOWEVER - it’s probably not recommended as @isaacg has mentioned your products will be tied to other tickets etc.

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