Is there a way to move/convert an item from inventory to Assets & RMM?

Hello, I am quite new to SyncroMSP and am still figuring things out and I have a dilemma I need some advice on.

Sometimes our Purchase Orders might include new Assets, let’s call it ITEM A, for our customers or sometimes we buy a specific hardware, let’s call it ITEM B, where most of it will be added to inventory (To sell) while a small quantity will be set to be new assets.

These are the processes I am trying to figure out:

  1. ASSET A comes in → Add to inventory → When needed, minus 1 off quantity when setting it up as new asset for customers to use
  2. ASSET B comes in → Add to Inventory → minus 1 off quantity in inventory when setting it up as new asset for customers to use

(It might be the same process, sorry. Just not sure if it makes a difference if one item (ITEM B) is also sold outright while ITEM A is purely used for assets, but placed in inventory first.)

I thought of scripts at first, but I am not sure if I am able to connect the ‘Products & Services’ module to the ‘Assets & RMM’ module.

Thank you for reading, and am looking forward to hearing from you guys.