Recurring Tickets

What it Does

Automatically generate Tickets from a schedule.
Recurring tickets run at 5 am PST each day, or 6 am PT during daylight savings.


Table of Contents

Recurring Ticket Options
Administration Options
Security Permissions



To set up Recurring Tickets, first, you'll need to turn the setting on. Go to Admin > Tickets - Preferences > Additional Settings, and make sure that the Enable Recurring Tickets checkbox is marked.

After turning this setting on, you can view all recurring ticket schedules and create new recurring tickets by heading to Tickets > View > Recurring Tickets:


You can also click into any ticket and click on the Actions button > Make Recurring:


Recurring Tickets Options

To create a new Recurring Ticket from the recurring tickets page, select "New Recurring Ticket" and then enter the customers name:

You will then be taken to the Recurring Schedule page to enter all the details for the recurring ticket:

Recurring Schedule Details

Name: The name of the recurring schedule for the ticket

Frequency: How often the recurring ticket will get created

Run Next At: The next date the recurring ticket will be created and will start its frequency cycle from

Email Customer the Initial Issue: Send the customer an email containing the Initial Ticket Issue

Pause this recurring ticket: Pauses the recurring ticket from running until re-enabled

Ticket Details

Ticket Subject: Subject for all the recurring tickets that are created

Issue Type: Select the type of issue the tickets created will be

Priority: Set the priority for all the tickets created

Complete Issue Description: Enter a description for the tickets

Tech: Select a technician to be assigned to the recurring tickets

Assigned Contact: Add a customer contact to assign to the ticket

Assigned Address: Select an address if there are multiple addresses for the customer

Additional Emails to notify for comments: Enter any additional email addresses to receive updates on ticket comments

Custom Field Type: If the ticket has a custom field type, select the type and the custom fields will populate under the 'Custom Fields' section on the left of the screen

Assign Worksheet: Allows you to add one or multiple worksheets to the recurring ticket

Link Assets: Allows you to choose one or multiple assets to link to the ticket

Once all information has been added, select 'Create Ticket Recurring Schedule' to save.


Recurring Tickets Administration Options

If you are an admin, you can access all of your Recurring Tickets by navigating to: Admin > Tickets > Recurring Tickets or for non-admins by going to Tickets > View > Recurring Tickets.

You will be taken to the Recurring Tickets List which will show you all of your Recurring Tickets across all customers along with the Next Run Date. You can click on the Pencil icon to make edits or the red 'X' to delete the Recurring Ticket.

Bulk Edit Recurring Tickets

You can use the checkboxes at the left of the Ticket Schedules to make bulk edits. Once you select the tickets select the 'Bulk Edit' button at the top of the page:


Recurring Tickets Security Permissions

Administrators can access all recurring tickets by heading to Admin > Tickets > Recurring Tickets. If you would like to enable recurring tickets to technicians, you can use these permissions under Security Groups:

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A post was split to a new topic: When do recurring tickets run?

Can someone tell me why would when making a Recurring Ticket, when generated for some reason the Tech and Assigned Contact are the same yet when the ticket is made it assigns another Tech? We can not seem to find why this is happening?