Let's Dial In What a Great Software Stack With SyncroMSP As Our Core Looks Like!

Started out using repairshopr and doing mostly mobile repairs, then came across Kabuto and started monitoring some computers. Finally came across SyncroMSP, to this day I’m shocked they weren’t marketing to me at all haha, and upgraded so the RMM was integrated, and naturally made it easier to start monitor more machines. Now it’s time to shift full MSP, so I’m the hunt to add the best yet cost efficient additional software tools for my size of shop. Let’s start a stack list chat!

Currently using:

PSA/RMM/CMS - SyncroMSP. Emsisoft, Malwarebytes, SNMP, OID, Recurring invoices, desktop chat, sms/email, auto reports to clients and me for admin, comet cloud backup. (I Find the ticket dashboard not very helpful, nor the documentation method.)

Project Management - Zapier auto creates cards per ticket, and a few auto moves when status changed on a Trello board.

Documentation - Team work flow Trello board. Google Doc links, checklists, in Trello cards.

CRM - Hubspot. Hubspot live chat on WordPress website, fb page messages hooked in, and Google gsuite support email account hooked in.

Internal communication / redundancy to not miss notifications from Syncro - Discord. Not a fan of slack, and growing a discord community, so decided to Zapier messages from Syncro built in slack integration, also allowing for seperetion of msgs so they’re not all dumped into one channel. Have seperate channels for type of alerts or customer things. This is nice because this is where we live for public hangout chatting, as well as internal backend communications. This really helps as there’s no notification log in the Syncro app that I’ve seen… So a dedicated discord channel with all customer sms messages is awesome. Emails get notified in hubspot, and that has great notifications from desktop site and mobile app to not miss stuff.

Quick notes - Google keep

Quick to do lists - Microsoft To Do

Website - WordPress

Hosting - linode, CentOS, Lightspeed server, immune360.

Email and cloud backup - Google Gsuite


Looking into adding to the stack:

IT Management - Hudu. IT glue seems a bit expensive, and extra, trying to find one that has just features I need at reasonable price. Also looking into DokuWiki, but seems a bit too raw, requiring more time effort to design, and wouldn’t have much template/recommendations to spark how to setup the software. Also would be more for documentation, not very integratable or monitoring things. But might be into public wiki to share and community grow like Louis Rossman’s wiki, a bit focused on MacBook repairs. But if you haven’t seen, check out his open community effort to document all his videos and categorize diagnostics for MacBook repairs, it’s amazing.

Currently researching Domotz, pretty sure this is its own category, as it’s more network scanning and monitoring not documentation tracking, right?

LMS (Learning Management System) - LearnDash built into WordPress site. Plan to use this for internal training, linked on the work flow trello board, offer as subscription based public training with access to mastermind group in discord, and free tech/customer beginner training type things.

What does your current Repair/MSP software stack look like? What are you looking into? Let’s see how dialed in we can get this!

Aim to keep this public here so we all benefit, and get to know one another better, but feel free to message me if you have questions, or just want to connect to chat. Cheers!


Addon update: Have went with Graphus for email security anti-phishing coverage.

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Update: It was not very special, and Kaseya did the typical thing and didn’t follow through at all on their support for understanding the tools or selling them. Have broke ties since, and will not be doing any business with Kaseya based company ever again. Things went nuclear, horrible experience overall.

Haven’t onboarded client, but currently looking to ProofPoint through syncro for email security, looking forward to checking this out more soon.

Make sure you get your support portal access. I’m still waiting on mine and need to open a ticket ASAP. Our smarthost has started acting up and we have missing emails not making it to Syncro. Setup is a little intensive but overall I don’t have much management for users. It blocks known bad sources outright so the quarantine reports have less to go through. The one thing you don’t want to enable is the Anti-Spoofing Policies in the Features. This will cause so many more blocks that require admin approval. I asked in the Syncro/PP webinar and they said to disable it, it’s redundant and anti-spoofing works without it.

That’s good to know, thanks for passing along that intel!