Great Meeting All Of You At TechCon Unplugged 2023!

We just finished up at TechCon Unplugged 2023, and we had a great time meeting so many of our Syncro customers! This is such a cool event designed specifically for MSPs helping other MSPs. Special shoutout to Paco Lebron and Rick Smith for hosting such a killer event every year.

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting to meet the folks that rely on Syncro to run their businesses in person. It was exciting to see some old friends from last year:

Michael Lange, Martins Jonass, Barry Arendt, Justine Anderson, Rod Miller, Brian Morris, Jason Percival

As well as some all new friends I got to meet for the very first time:

Sean Inman, Clark Stockdale, Cristobal Rivera, Pierre Anyansi, Raffi Jamgotchian (I was able to catch your Documentation presentation, great job!), Rick Bergami, Jessie Judkins (Rod Miller - Jesse is such a clever tech!), Michael Mathews (thanks for keeping me out till 2am!)

And a special shoutout to TJ Bull, who (I think) is officially the first MSP with a father and son working together I’ve seen in the history of Syncro. Tom Bull - TJ is awesome!

Really sorry if I missed anyone. Can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Here’s a quick pic from the after party and the after after party. This was a blast!

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