Feature requests are a waste of time

Good morning All,

I would like to find out if any of you have experienced the same situation where you were advised to submit a Feature Request, but unfortunately received no feedback or response from Syncro.

I have personally encountered this issue multiple times when submitting Feature Requests for bugs, and it seems that my efforts have gone unanswered.

In my opinion, bug reports and feature requests are distinct items that should not be combined. Bug reports deserve their own dedicated channel for proper attention and resolution.

Your thoughts on this matter are greatly appreciated.



Hey there, I’d like to take the opportunity to address some of your concerns directly.

There are in fact two distinct tracks for bugs and feature requests. I don’t know what your existing issue(s) are specifically, but I will say that there are often times a blurry area where something may not behave as you like, but it’s not a bug either. What I mean by this is if you press a button that is supposed to display some information and it’s doesn’t, that’s certainly a bug. If you press a button and it doesn’t display all the information you’d like to see there, then that’s likely a feature request.

There should never be an instance where something is inherently broken and you’re asked to open a feature request on it. If you let me know some specifics I’d be happy to shine some light onto whether or not any given item is a bug or a feature request if that is helpful. Bug reports should always be submitted to our support team.

On the feature request piece, the official place to request features is here in our Community Forums, using the Feature Request category. This is the only place our Product team actively monitors for these requests.

Secondarily, we have a new program we’ve been running now for a couple of months called the Community-Driven Development Track, and this program is scoped to smaller quality-of-life features. You can find out more about this program HERE.

Note that when you do submit a feature request, you may not necessarily receive a response directly on it, but they are tracked and prioritized internally. Note that requesting something doesn’t mean it will be developed any time soon, or at all for that matter. It simply means it’s something we’re tracking against any number of other requests.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for the reply.

I do understand the difference between a Feature Request and a bug report, but thank you for noting these.

I will contact you directly with specific issues and we can decide on bug or Feature.


I got your PM, I will respond there.

yes, I tend to agree. They are largely a waste of time, because we have no visibility on their progress or status, and many were moved a couple of weeks ago into this weird category called “Other”.
I raised that they were moved into “Other”, and no one seemed to care enough to move them back.

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Every feature request we’ve ever submitted has been ignored by Syncro. We still can’t schedule things in our time zone, can’t use the mailer properly to mail contacts within customers and have completely given up on any hope of earlier feature requests being answered.

The best part is how many things I’ve personally asked for or seen others ask for with little to no response and then someone asks for it again in a QOL track and it’s this great new idea and they get rewarded. Clearly the Feature requests get lost or are not being tracked well over time or just don’t get reviewed.

I’d love to be engaged in improving the platform but why stay engaged when it looks like your largely ignored and because you don’t just keep pounding on all of your ideas all of the time others get credit. w/e