Syncro Support Intermittent Confirmation of Support Form Requests

Good Morning,

We have submitted a support request to Syncro regarding this issue, but we haven’t received any confirmation emails. So, I’m posting here as well.

We have a few instances where we have submitted a support request to Syncro Support through their web form: Syncro Support

We only intermittently receive any kind of confirmation that the case has actually been submitted. It’s not in our spam or inboxes.

We would like for this to be fixed so that we have regular confirmation that the support requests we submit via the “Submit Support Ticket” form are actually getting received by Syncro.


Confirm we didn’t get a confirmation email either. I sent in a ticket this morning and never got a email back after 3 hours.

We submitted four tickets this morning – Three regarding the Mac agent and one regarding not getting email confirmations.

We only received one email confirmation for the second ticket we submitted about an antivirus not getting detected by the Mac agent.

It’s frustrating because we don’t know if Syncro actually got the other issues or if they are lost in the ether.

Hello, I’m looking into this will have support reach out.

Hi @travis, did you ever hear back from support, can you provide me with the ticket number if not?

Hello, @canden.hicks I have not heard back yet. I did get an email about a case study though, but nothing about the ticket I sent in.