Syncro Support Intermittent Confirmation of Support Form Requests

Good Morning,

We have submitted a support request to Syncro regarding this issue, but we haven’t received any confirmation emails. So, I’m posting here as well.

We have a few instances where we have submitted a support request to Syncro Support through their web form: Syncro Support

We only intermittently receive any kind of confirmation that the case has actually been submitted. It’s not in our spam or inboxes.

We would like for this to be fixed so that we have regular confirmation that the support requests we submit via the “Submit Support Ticket” form are actually getting received by Syncro.


Confirm we didn’t get a confirmation email either. I sent in a ticket this morning and never got a email back after 3 hours.

We submitted four tickets this morning – Three regarding the Mac agent and one regarding not getting email confirmations.

We only received one email confirmation for the second ticket we submitted about an antivirus not getting detected by the Mac agent.

It’s frustrating because we don’t know if Syncro actually got the other issues or if they are lost in the ether.

Hello, I’m looking into this will have support reach out.

Hi @travis, did you ever hear back from support, can you provide me with the ticket number if not?

Hello, @canden.hicks I have not heard back yet. I did get an email about a case study though, but nothing about the ticket I sent in.


Friday evening, I received follow-up on the ticket I submitted regarding Intermittent confirmation of support form request submissions. The response was off-base and completely mis-understood the issue. I replied back with further explanation, received a “you are right. I’ll forward this on to a supervisor/specialist” response and have heard nothing since.

In addition, I still have not received any confirmation that any of our “Submit a Support Ticket” form submissions made it to Syncro except for one of the other 4 we submitted.

I’ve had this happen so many times it’s not funny. It’s like you tell support staff exactly what the problem is and they come back with some of the wall response. Then I have to reply taking even more time to explain the same thing, and I get a, oh yeah, thanks for clearing that up, when it’s the same thing I said earlier. Syncro, please do a better job training your support staff. They have fallen short recently.

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I has a similar problem with support recently.
They told me they had tested and confirmed the answer is x.
I replied that it definitely wasn’t, and demonstrated that x was not the answer.
They replied oh, it must be y then.
I replied that I’d already had this guessing game on the forums, and y definitely wasn’t the answer either.
After that…no response.

Something else I’m finding…
I log support tickets.
Sometimes the response is coming from RepairShoppr support, not Syncro support.
Not sure what conclusion to draw from this.
But I would very much like to see a support that is focused on the needs and problems of Syncro customers, not the needs and problems RepairShoppr customers.

Hi @andrewd,

Some members of our support team handle PSA issues in both RepairShopr and Syncro since things like ticketing, invoicing, estimates, and accounting integrations are nearly identical on both platforms. This allows us to offer faster response times to our Syncro partners since these support members can help both groups.

Another group specializes in just RMM issues that are more complex and are Syncro-specific.

We recently moved to a new support platform and I apologize for the issues that are arising. We’re looking into the causes.

I am not seeing fast response times when RepairShopr is in the email to me.

Roughly on August 9th, I raised a ticket about “kabuto_customer_id does not appear in /customers [API]response”
A support person with both Syncro and Repair Shopr in the signature replied and asked

Can you please take a screen recording of what you are trying to do and also provide the documentation that you are viewing that needs correction?

I did as asked. Took the time to make a video. Sent a link back, with a detailed explanation.
It is now August 17. No response.

Roughly on august 2nd I raised a ticket about “Get /customers API returns two fields called location_name and location_id”
On August 6th I was sent a response by someone from RepairShopr.
I replied on August 7th with a followup question for this ticket.
It is now August 17. No response.

My experience is that the people in the RepairShopr Support team do not appear to care too much about Syncro customers.
This situation is not good. We pay SyncroMSP. It is not cheap.
I feel it is reasonable to expect that someone in the company called SyncroMSP will provide support for the platform and provide answers to reasonable questions.

Hi @andrewd,

Thank you for providing the details about the case. I was able to find the cause of the issue.

There was a configuration error that I’ll take the blame for that caused some replies to cases not to come from the correct email address. This caused them not to enter our ticketing system correctly. We were able to recover most of the responses, but it seems a few were missed. I along with our team will double-check the messages and make sure everyone is responded to as quickly as possible.

The cause of this issue has been resolved and replies going forward should be processed correctly.

Again, this was an unfortunate error on my part and doesn’t reflect the level of care the rest of the strives to offer.



Thank you for the update. I have received a few additional replies for support requests we have raised. If I see this same issue going forward, I’ll tag you on my post in the forum. Thank you for your assistance.