Domo Integration

Domo is no longer available to new accounts nor do we support it any longer. This article is strictly for those who signed up for it in the past. We encourage all others to use Syncro’s built-in Reporting module, which is included with every Syncro subscription.

Domo is a super powerful reporting and analytics platform.

What it Does

  • Gives you advanced, internal KPI reporting beyond the reporting built into Syncro’s Reports module.
  • Helps you track ticket and sales metrics to help you achieve maximum efficiency for your team, and profitability for your company.
  • Provide you overview reports with drill downs, filters, and exports.
  • Allows for powerful visualization of your business performance in many new ways.

What it Doesn't Do

It won't be a full replacement of our reports module for a few reasons:

  • It doesn’t cover RMM Reporting (alerts, notifications, etc). This is built into the Syncro Reports module.
  • It doesn’t include Customer-facing reports. This is built into the Syncro Reports module.
  • The data is slightly delayed (usually an hour or less).
  • Certain reports are only available in the Syncro Reports module, such as maps, z-reports, and others.

Where to Start

When you login to Domo, you will see pages of summary numbers, charts and graphs, and a data quality review page.

Start with the data quality review. It will give you an idea how much data you have been collecting.

It's actually possible to use a single login, and use only manual products on invoices - and then you will have very bad quality data on what user is selling what, which products are best sellers, etc etc.

We try to show you what areas you are using - and what areas you might want to use more.

If you want to see employee performance, try to use the ticket time tracking and ticket charges when you are building up invoices.

Try to use products for all invoice line items, and set the cost as accurate as you are able on your products.

How to Login

Head to the App Center, and click the Domo app card to log in.

Once you click Start Trial, there will be a login link. You can save that URL in your favorites if you want.

On the next screen, always use "Single Sign-On".

Then you can just use your Syncro username and password that you use to sign into the system:

That's it! You are ready to go.