Document Repository

Is there a feature within Syncro to save documents like forms (membership, renewals, etc) that we send on a daily basis to customers? Instead of uploading them locally from the computer, is there a place within Synco we can keep them - I guess sort of like Sharepoint, where in the attachments you can navigate to saved documents from within Syncro itself?

They have a Documentation section, but I honestly wouldn’t use it. Syncro doesn’t have versioning and recovery so it’s volatile. Our documentation is in Hudu and previously in IT Glue.

Ah okay, thanks - does Hudu integrated? Meaning if one of my techs needs to pull a form from the repository they can easily throw it in the ticket? I haven’t used Hudu (yet) but I’ve heard good things.

The Hudu integration is on Hudu’s side. It mostly pulls assets and contacts into Hudu. There are some browser plugins that add the asset and customer link inside of Syncro. For sharing documentation, you can create a public share link and paste it into Syncro.

We use the canned responses with links to our Hudu documents.