Understanding the use of "Available Files" in documentation

As best I can tell, the “Available Files” on the side of documentation pages is a listing of all uploaded files that are used in your documentation. It seems like once you have more than a couple files uploaded they will almost immediately become too tedious to sort through to be useful. You can link to an external source for files in your documentation but I am curious what people use this particular feature for in their documentation creation. Maybe I am missing another way to interact with the feature.

Here is a picture of what I am referring to just so that it is clear: (disregard the picture itself) :slight_smile:

I have read through this information already: Documentation Center


As a follow up to this question, I have the same question regarding “Available Files” within the scripting page. You can upload files to make them available when running a script… but what are the requirements for those files? Can I upload a 5Gig ISO? How do I delete files from that list? Can I change the filename once uploaded or is it always the same? I cannot find anything in the documentation that explains where files go when you upload them from various places within Syncro.

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I did find out how to remove files from the scripting page. You have to change your view to “Available Files” and then you can delete them.

I still don’t know what restrictions there are on the upload.

I still don’t know how to manage files uploaded into the documentation center.