Script Files Maximum Size

I was just about to send out my updated CloudRadial portal file. When I tried to upload it to the Script Files location I got a message that 200 MB is the limit.

Is there any way to get around that?

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Not directly. Normally if you are needing to deploy files that are larger than that your best bet is to host them with a public link (fairly easy to do with something like OneDrive or Dropbox) and have your script download and execute the required file(s).

OK thanks Andy, I will do that

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Does anyone have a proven method for getting a larger file to a computer? I have run 2 different scripts:

-Syncro, Download and Run a file
-Download a file from a URL to a computer (thinking I would then run another script to actually do the install after)

I have hosted my file in Both ODFB and Google Drive, with the “ANyone with the Link option”

In both cases, no luck. When I paste the share URL in a browser, it takes me to a page with the file visible and I then need to click download, so I suspect that the script is hanging at that point.

Ideally I would love to have one script that downloads the file then does the install.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "$($env:temp)\file.ext" -ErrorAction Stop

This Powershell downloads the file into the system temp folder.

Well that gets me further than I was, but for some reason the script “completes” and reports successful in about 5 seconds, and only download a few KB’s then stops. The file I need to download is an EXE that is over 200 MB

Look at what gets downloaded with a text editor, it’s probably some html saying you are not authorized to download the file.

I think the issue is the same as the issue I had originally: the links for both Onedrive and GDrive take you to a page that has a download button. I either need a direct link that starts the download, or a script that presses the download button.

I think I will have to host the file on my Wordpress site. I am pretty sure I can do a direct download link from there.

With Dropbox, you can change a 0 to 1 to have it direct download. With OD, add &download=1 to the end of the URL. Verified this worked with a test file through PS.

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Oh man, do I ever feel like a dumbass. I saw that &download=1 trick online earlier and thought I had tried it.

Turns out I was putlling ?download=1 instead.

Thanks for your help. it worked!

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It seems that you can download directly from CloudRadial’s Azure infrastructure which would allow you to skip the whole copying to Dropbox (or wherever) step. Right under the “Download Installer” button is a link you can copy.

If you wanted to reuse the same installer script across multiple clients, you could use a variable to add the file name into the URL. I haven’t worked with the CloudRadial desktop installer beyond creating one to test whether download access was open, so I don’t know if the filename changes when you rebuild it, but if it doesn’t, you could always store the filename in customer custom field and tie it into your script that way.

Good to know. I’ll check that out thanks.