Can't upload similar files with different names - Script Module

I’m using a 3rd party Security Scanner and it creates a unique .exe file for each client. The file sizes are all the same but the names are different, so when I go to upload the files into the “Scripting” module, it won’t upload because it says duplicate contents. Is there a way around this as I need to run these scans on my client and looking to use Sripts to automate it. Thanks.

Put them somewhere else like your onedrive and just download it via powershell script, and execute. That would be the best. There are several example scripts in the community forum showing how to do this if you haven’t done it before.

Maybe you could make a special folder for this .exe and clear the contents of the folder after the script completes? This way the destination would be clear every time the script runs.

Sometimes installers do this thing where they use the filename to identify the client, but the installer itself is universal, which I’m guessing is the case since yours are all the same size. You can likely put the unique part of the filename into a client custom field and then pull that in with a script to name the file before running the installer. Only need the one file that way.