I was wondering how I can access the script files via a script

I am writing a script to install SentinelOne on a Mac. I’ve uploaded the S1 pkg to the Syncro Script files but how can I use that within the script. It doesn’t give me the option like PS does. I’m somewhat a noob on Macs. Is there a way to use curl on the Mac to download the necessary pkg? I tried copying the URL from S1 dashboard but, of course, that requires a login. Any suggestions?

That I know of, not yet. The Mac Agent is still in beta. Not sure the agent can be called to run on mac. I may (hopefully) be wrong?

That functionality should be equivalent between Mac Scripting and PowerShell. The file is downloaded to the location you set, and then you reference the file on the file system within your script.

You add it as a required file. Then call it like any other file.

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Thanks… somehow I missed that in the Scripting.

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