Documentation table of contents

Looking for a way to add a table of contents to documentation. The Syncro documentation editor runs on Tiny, and Tiny appears to have a table of contents feature, described in their documentation here. All Syncro’s documentation, and all other well formed documentation, has table of contents included. If I’m missing something with the built-in editor, please show me.

Add it to the community development track, looks like it could be a quick win. It’s a plugin so would have to be added, and then a template exposed for end users to edit, to have the table generated the way they want.

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@dudley thanks for the recommendation. I don’t use the community much, trying to participate more. A quick search regarding development found this. It indicates Facebook is to be used for development track topics. I’d prefer to keep it in the Syncro Community, if possible. What do you recommend?

I have the same desire… left facebook in 2009 could see the writing on the wall. It’s only become more clear that it’s not good for mental health, nor for personal privacy. Wait til AI starts harvesting the data and creating incredible brain hacks on you because they know you so well. We are in for a treat.

I’d assume that this is already happening.
I recently joined facebook so I could manage our own business page and then sometime later joined the Syncro Group.
Not planning to ever post in the Syncro group. Merely lurk with popcorn at the ready.