Customer Portal password reset

I am getting several reports from users I’ve setup on the Customer Portal for Remote Access stating that their passwords don’t work after logging out and back in and the password reset link doesn’t send them an email. I’ve verified they are using the correct URL Syncro Login | Code Blue Computing. I’m having to click the reset passwork link within the customer area in order for them to get a password reset link.

Hi Aorus, do you know if they are trying to log in from various browsers or are they using the same ones? Does this also happen to them if they try to log in from an incognito tab?

Same browser but don’t know if they are using incognito mode







I would have them try incognito just in case there’s something going on with the cache or a plugin. If that doesn’t resolve it go ahead and send a ticket to and we’ll dig into this further.

They could be going to the wrong URL. There is a client URL and tech URL. We had a client that set their password, then couldn’t find the little link in the middle that took them to the sign in page. They ended up erasing most of the URL, that then took them to the tech login page. They bookmarked it, so they never got to the customer URL again.


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