Login issues

When I sign in with Syncro, I go to companyname.syncromsp.com. This bypasses the need to enter my company name in the login process and is supposed to make things faster. However, this does not always work. Many times the Syncro site just sits there thinking about what it needs to do and times out. It does not respond at all. It just times out. If I go to syncromsp.com, select login and enter my company name, it always works, but adds a step. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a common problem? Has this been reported or added to Syncro’s todo fix list already?

I too noticed this, especially on my mobile devices. However, it seems to have gotten better here recently, though I wouldn’t say it’s 100% corrected.

Thanks for replying. I would think if this is a cookie or stale cached file issue that it would happen consistently, but this happens randomly. I will also say that since my OP, the logins issues have not occurred and the website response itself is much faster. I’ve never seen it so snappy. Maybe someone read this and did something to fix the issue and didn’t want to talk about it? I’ll post if I continue to see the issue.