Credential Manager Password Issue

There is an issue with the Credential Manager that has cost me a serious amount of time lost because the password was mistakenly deleted and its very easy to do so. password being clicked on and written or deleted by mistake. Currently the way it works is that I can enter a Name, Username, Host/URL and Password without being asked to save. So its very easy to mistakenly delete or replace the data in any of these areas with no way to recover it.

If someone say, an employee, just clicks on a password to view it and mistakenly writes over or deletes the password there is no way to recover it. There is also no safe guard to prevent changes in these fields which is terrifying as I’ve dealt with a password being deleted by mistake this morning.


I feel you and it’s why I can’t use it. My password manager kept trying to fill it in and overwriting passwords. These should be read-only until you actually click an edit button. To be able to reveal and change all in 1 action is not a good flow at all.

You make a very good point – could Syncro leave that info in an Audit box at the bottom to be accessed like in the Ticket and Invoice screens?

The solution is pretty simple they have a save button for the Notes section so why not add it to the whole line so you have to save changes. There should also but and Audit or Versioning box that shows you the last how ever many passwords it was changed to. I use LastPass internally but for temp employees that only needs access to the bare minimum I tried utilizing this with no luck.

We are evaluating now and this is disappointing. Password documentation needs to be locked down from errant deletion/changes. Hopefully they can address this before we sign up.

Lol. Good luck with that.

No solution yet its basically unusable.

Hi @rmacias

Unless you did already, it may be worth posting your request over here: Community-Driven Development Track | Syncro. These are regularly reviewed and it’ll also allow for more users to engage and up-vote.

This appears to be sorted as the password now prompts to save