Max password length

What about the MAX Password length for Syncro? Is it 128 Characters, 256, more?

I take a bit of a different approach to security. I have my password manager fill in the first 100 Characters or so and then manually add in two additional passwords + 2FA. I hope eventually Syncro will allow something like Traitware which has True MFA and Geofencing technologies and has up to 5 Factor Authentication if desired.

Hi Glen. The maximum password length is 128 characters. We will update the KB with this info.

Is there a way to reduce the length of the customer login passwords? I’ve had many clients tell me that 12 characters is too long, and they’re not going to bother with the portal because of it.

I’d tell them good, don’t bother than. Customers should never be allowed to dictate contrary to recommended and best practices, especially around security. IMO security is the one area a customer is almost never right.

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Hi Pete,

If there are no portal users in a customer account, they don’t need a password at all. But if they do have a portal user, and passwords are required, then no, there is no way to shorten the minimum length requirement. This is intentional in accordance with best security practices. You might suggest they use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to help with this. Many browsers can also remember passwords for you as well.

I just revised the Customer Portal article that covers these things in more detail than before. Please check out the first two sections and let us know if you have additional questions.

I agree with the end-users - 12 characters is ridiculous.