Close or update tickets with Zapier

Will Zapier ever be able to update or close a ticket?

I’m looking to use Webhooks and Zapier to open a ticket when an event occurs then update and close the ticket when another event occurs.

Currently, it only updates the following. Additional actions would be a feature request. I’d be happy to submit one for you. Were updating/closing the only actions you’d like to suggest?

  • Create Customer
  • Create Lead
  • Create Ticket
  • Log Call

Thanks Alexandra,

It would be amazing if we could use webhooks to update the status of an asset as well but this may be beyond a simple feature request.

As an example I’m looking to use webhooks to monitor my Cisco Meraki devices so when the switch, AP or firewall has an alert the webhook send an alert and creates a ticket if this happens in the middle of the night and the device comes back up I’m looking to use the webhook to also close the ticket. Currently it can only create a new second ticket.

What would be amazing if it is possible would be to have the webhooks update the status of an asset then we could use functions in Syncro to open and close tickets.

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This would be awesome sauce

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I will get a feature request submitted on it. Sounds like it would really expand the functionality if it’s possible :slight_smile:

im guessing for this to work you would need to be able to search for tickets in zapier as well.