Issues with Notification Center

I have a notification set that is setup to send a webhook when a ticket is created. It does not seem like it is firing. I’ve attached an image of my settings. I also have webhook checked for “Ticket - created (for anyone)” Unfortunately I’m not seeing requests coming into my webhook URL when creating a ticket (I did test the webhook URL manually and it does show an inbound request).

For Syncro Team, it would be awesome to be able to see a list of notification history so we could troubleshoot our own setups. I have a feeling you are going to tell me that I have another notification setup with “Ticket - created (for anyone)” and I don’t have a great way to see other notification sets, besides clicking into each of the (and I have 25+).

Also a big feature request would be the ability to click “TEST” within a specific notification set and have it fire that notification. It sucks having to perform each action (like created a ticket) just to test the notification set. It sucks even more when I have to do it over an over again when troubleshooting.