New Customer Webhook does not fire

When creating a new customer, the webhook configured in notifications does not fire. Also the documentation for your webhooks is poor. No where does it show you the schema that will be sent in the body of the webhook. Finally, there needs to be a webhook for when a customer is updated or a contact is updated. Not just when you add one. This makes the use of webhooks severely lacking. These are basic notifications that almost all applications expose in their notifications and API. It’s making it difficult to build workflows in the background to share data between Syncro and other applications.

5 days an no response. When submitting a support ticket is says that the community forms would get a faster response. So I posted 3 issues here. 0 responses on all of them. Why?

Hi Chuck,

I apologize for the delay. We’re working on allocating more support resources to the community and making a better process to track issues raised here.

I was able to reproduce this issue on my end, so I’ve already put a ticket together so we can track this and escalated to our development team. You should be getting a respose via email shortly.