CheckCentral just launched their Syncro integration & it just leveled up my NOC

I’m now using CheckCentral to generate tickets in Syncro automatically based on email rules!

Before I was forwarding the email notifications to syncro as leads, and looking through them in order to figure out which ones to process into tickets. Now this process is all done automatically. I love it. I just set it up in the last week but it is glorious.

I’m now doing network monitoring, backup monitoring, and website & cert monitoring all with this tool & starting to get tickets generated automatically! Figured I’d share the love. I highly recommend checkcentral to all businesses who are using Syncro.

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Hi, we have used CheckCentral in the past for backup monitoring but have since changed our strategy. What does the Syncro integration do (is it just a simple forward?) and would you mind sharing a bit how you use it?

If the other system’s email isn’t sent or received, does it notice?

I’m always looking for a deadman switch.

It is a direct API integration to generate tickets in Syncro

Yes, it has a way to setup the check as a scheduled check and you can set a the number of hours late window that you give it. So I have it working for nightly backup monitoring as a scheduled script. If it doesn’t receive an email as expected then it generates a ticket in syncro. I tested it this week & it worked for me.

Thanks, sounds like it’s worth checking out!