Windows Backup Monitor


I have a 2019 Svr that is currently being backed up using Windows Backup. Was doing some routine checks and found that Windows Backup has not been running for the last few weeks and failing b/c of target failure. Good thing I have a Axcient backup running as well… Anyway, I checked the Effective Policy and can see that under the Event Logs Preset - Windows Backup is checked. My question is why would I not see any alerts in Syncro about the backup failing? If I go into the Event Log and look under Microsoft / Windows / Backup / Operational I can see all the errors and events.


I think I poked around with it once and it wasn’t working for me either, but it’s not my main backup so didn’t bother to pursue further. IIRC Syncro doesn’t monitor for any events not under the main 3 log folders (App, System, Security), so even though it’s in their system they may not actually work lol.

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Thanks Issac! I didn’t realize about Syncro only checking the main 3. I did some digging and looks like there is a Cyberdrain script that monitors windows backup. I am testing that as we speak on this server and looks like I will add it to others. Windows Backup isn’t my main backup either but I use it a cheap secondary.

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Correct, Syncro monitors App, System, Security- I’ve also found that it can do some limited monitoring in Application & Services, mainly the top-level items. If you’re drilling down into folders as you do for Windows Backup then it’s not going to monitor those areas. This is something I have seen mentioned as a feature we’d like to improve on, you’re not the first to ask about monitoring Windows Backup so I have hopes that this will be expanded but do not have a timeline on it.

Hi everyone, we use Windows Server Backup for several servers and sometimes the disk will fail and an error is generated in the log but we are not alerted.
Can someone provide steps to use the Syncro built-in Windows Backup monitor? If the monitor does not work as I have read above, I noticed there is a Cyberdrain script in the community library available to do this. My question then would be about this script… How is it used? is it run once per host server? If we run it once does it continuously monitor the server for errors? or do we need to run it on a schedule? no instructions are provided…
Thanks in advance…

You’d need to use the script on a schedule as often as you want backups checked, likely daily.