Windows backup monitoring

Hi I noticed the policy template includes a windows backup monitoring option…
How does this work, it doesnt seem to send me any alerts on the sucess/failure of windows backups?
I use windows backups in addition to online backups for a number of my clients and a working reporting alert would be great/
many thanks

If you go into Policies > Policy Modules drop-down > Event Log Monitoring > Preset - Windows Backup, you’ll see a recipe for the types of backup-related events that preset monitors for. Here’s a screenshot of some of them, you can expand the section for further event IDs or queries. The % signifies a wildcard/partial search. So it depends on if the event log you’re wanting to monitor is in the recipe, you can add in your own custom queries as well if it’s not listed here.

many thanks Ill give that a go!

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thanks for that, but how do I integrate that into my policies?

Is it that I create a new policy and add all the other items into and then apply it to the client machine or?
Here is what I created below

A custom one that hopefully monitors for event 517 source backup in the application log which is one I get on a customer site frequently, where am I going to apply that to their server policy?
Im sure its easy when you know how and probably a stupid question but thanks for your help

Policy edit, Monitors - Add a Monitor - Event Log

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This policy doesnt seem to work at all, Syncro has released a Cyberdrain script to this, I wonder
why woudnt syncro fix they feature, but decided to release a script.

yes not working for me at all either must look at that script thanks