Calendar Issues

I must be missing something here. I have a few calendar issues. Outlook will not sync to Syncro, Syncro will sync to Outlook. I have unlinked them and set it back up with the same non-working results. I also have this issue with my public calendar matching my private one.

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Anyone? I thought support was supposed to chime in here? Like the FB group.

Hi ncalvert! Sorry about that! A few posts slipped through while the community was still fresh. It looks like you have two-way sync enabled so that’s good.

A few follow-up questions…

  • Are these recurring appointments? Recurring appointments aren’t supported for sync, but this is a great feature request.
  • Is your integration 1:1? Make sure each user/tech re-authenticates their own calendar. An admin re-authenticating everyone will override their calendars.
  • Is this a shared calendar? Calendar sharing isn’t supported.
  • Are these appointments that were created after integrating? It will not retroactively sync old appointments that were created before your integration.
  • Have you given the appointment time to sync? There can be a delay of up to an hour. This will likely be a yes, but I figured I would include it for anyone else that runs into this.

If you still have trouble after checking through all these points and making any necessary corrections then re-authenticating, go ahead and contact us at help@syncromsp as we may need to send it over to our developers.