Is anyone using the Syncro meeting scheduling tool?

Since no one wants to talk about 3rd party scheduling tools, is anyone successfully using the Syncro built-in scheduling tool?

Is there any way to use it short of hosting it on my website?

Sharing the appointment booking URL would be the way to do it without hosting it on your website:

Very cool, I see that now. Never noticed that in the App Center before.

I have been playing around with it and so far I am wondering 2 things:

-Is there a way to block out a portion of the day, IE 12-1 pm

-Is there a way for the client to choose who the appointment is with? It seems to just make an appointment that belongs to no one yet everyone gets an email saying “New Apointment for You”

Just saw the part about the specific booking url per person.

You’d just book up that slot from the appointment view to block it off. It also has a two-way sync with Google Calendar so you can use that as well.

So I have mostly got this working using the individual scheduling links instead of the company wide one, but have run into a snag with the blocking out of lunch hour (or any time I want to block repeatedly)

It seems that the Syncro Scheduler does not understand repeating meetings. If I enter a meeting in Outlook and tell it to repeat every day, Syncro just sees it as 1 single meeting.

So as per your previous suggestion, exactly how would I block the same time out every day?

Is it Outlook ICS? If so, with two-way syncing you can put your recurring appointment in the Outlook calendar first and let that sync over as Syncro Calendar doesn’t do recurring appointments at the moment.

I have tried your ICS method just in case it is different from the built in Outlook Calendar method. I am able to add my Outlook calendar just fine through the Calendar integrations page, and events all sync 2 way no problem.

Not sure if maybe you are referencing old docs because it sounds like you are saying that Outlook calendar integration is not there but it is, and works great in every other way but one: It does not understand meetings that are setup as “recurring” in my calendar.

I can add a recurring meeting but only the first instance appears in the Syncro appointments, not all the subsequent events in the series.

So as it stands, it appears that the only way for me to block out lunch our every day is to manually create a seperate meeting every day at noon.

It would be nice if we could either get the ability to sync recurring meetings, OR the ability to set “blocked hours” for the appointment setting tool.

OK so I happen to still have a G Suite domain active for my business (I switched to 365 a year ago but never cancelled G Suite) so I thought just ofr fun I would try it through the Google Calendar, and to my surprise, recurring meeting work just fine through Google Calendar.

They do not work through 365. Is this a known limitation? Or something that can be fixed? It would be nice because with this function we would be able to use the integrated appointment scheduler.

Correct, that would be a limitation of 365 at the moment. I can put in a feature request, as it would be nice to have that in the future if possible. Especially if it would allow you to use the appointments module.

Ok thanks that would be great.

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