Would be nice to have a desktop icon running the same as the RMM taskbar icon

When the RMM agent is installed on a device, it would also install a desktop icon which can also upon a right click provide the same options as the taskbar icon. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE. Thank you

Can you elaborate on this one please? Is there a reason the taskbar icon isn’t doing the trick for you?

The taskbar icon is amazing! But I am looking to deploy it for a lot of clients where on the right click I want to add options to go to their email, get support, go to CRM,… and it would be a lot easier if it was desktop icon for less tech savvy end users. Would be right there in front of them, hard to miss. More of them would use it.

The Taskbar icon at the moment, doesn’t normally sit on the taskbar. It sits in the System tray, but can be dragged to the Taskbar like this.
(There might be a registry hack to use in a script to make it appear there. )

If the icon could be made to sit on the Windows Task bar as a regular Windows Desktop App, like the HP support Assistant icon can, then it would always be visible and gain the possibilities in the future of visible notifications like this.
Yellow dot means recommended updates waiting.

Syncro could have coloured shapes to mean different things as well.

Thanks Vadim for the explanation. So you can definitely right click the tray icon and do all of those things today that you are describing.

The problem with desktop icons are numerous, one of which the locations can change (don’t ask me why but this always confuses end users, especially when they have 10,000 other desktop icons), it can be deleted, and the context menu isn’t controlled by Syncro it’s controlled by Windows. So you’d have to contend with a bunch of other junk in their like cut/paste, etc.

I would definitely run some trainings for your clients so they know how to engage the tray icon.