macOS - Can the Agent Contact Form be called up with a script/command if hiding the system tray/menu item?

In testing the menu item for macOS I really don’t care for it. Primarily because I have another solution for most of those capabilities. But. . .I do prefer that my users be able to submit tickets using Syncro’s Agent Contact Form. So. . .if I choose to hide the system tray/menu item in my Syncro macOS policy, is there a way to bring up the Agent Contact Form using a script or terminal command? I have to imagine all of the pieces are there and the “Hide System Tray” setting only tells the endpoint whether to put the icon in the menu bar.

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No, it has to be triggered from the tray menu.

Looks like I’ll have to add it as a feature request.

It’s not something that is supported. It does not add or remove components when hiding/showing the tray icon.

If you’d like to see it behave as you are suggesting, please add a feature request to the Feature Request category here in our Community Forums.