System tray not showing on rdp client

We have a client that had a cloud computer that several people RDP into but no one is seeing our company logo to open a chat or submit a ticket to like they do on their local pc. We’ve not seen this issue before but would like to see if there are any troubleshooting steps before we completely uninstall the rmm and reinstall

We have seen this, and were informed by support a LONG while back, that this is expected behavior / having the tray icon on everyone’s session is not supported., the icon will only show in the latest persons desktop to log in.

I hope you get a different answer from support, but as a work around we made the Tier 2 Tickets setup standard for all RDS hosts so we get the user information and not just the machine for tickets submitted.

we were told the same. Doesn’t support terminal services with the system tray icon.