What's New At Syncro?

Watched the fireside chat video on YouTube from December and you guys mentioned you’d be stepping up the communication, bringing a new training system online, and that we’d be receiving more emails about what you’re doing, almost like a newsletter of sorts.

Haven’t heard much from you guys since then and was curious what’s going on over there. Used to see regular items posted in the release notes but it hasn’t been updated in a while, even though we’ve had lots of things changed and/or fixed since then.

What’s new? What are you working on? What’s coming?

Also, we were told that we’d get more interaction from Syncro techs and employees by using this forum. I hope that’s still the plan, but I’m just not seeing where anyone is commenting on posts by the community. Very rarely am I seeing this and it’s only from 1 or 2 different people from Syncro. Most of the posts are going unanswered.


Hey Mike! Some of these are outside of my realm of coverage and I can’t speak to everything here, but I did see some of the new training you mentioned during one of our meetings today. It’s not all ready yet but it’s on the way- it will be great to be able to allow users to train on their own time.

Since the community is so new you may see the same Syncro staff members on here answering posts but I expect this will evolve. What exactly that looks like, we’ll see but we do want to make sure people get the help they need.

I’ve only seen you and Andy on here replying. I was under the impression more techs were going to be active. Some messages haven’t even been commented on by a Syncro employee. Was hoping for more interaction so we don’t have to keep posting the same questions over and over.


Hey Mike, to be fair not every single post is going to be directly responded to. That said, the level of interaction here has already surpassed that of our previous communication mediums, and things are just getting ramped up over here with everything being so new. The release notes are going through a revamp currently, so I would expect to see changes coming there in the not too distant future.

Our two new big recent releases were Policy Inheritance, which is now feature complete, and the Mac agent, which is still getting a few minor tweaks here and there. We are working toward improving Windows Patching as we speak, which is something we announced as a major priority for us during our Fireside Chat. I’m currently busy working on some larger PSA projects I mentioned during the Fireside Chat, and I am now actively running private focus groups on our forums here (another perk they offer) with a subset of users diving into those topics.

Thanks for the reply @Andy. I do hope we see some more communication from you guys soon, and start seeing some sort of quality of life advancements to the platform as we haven’t seen them in some time.

As far as your focus group, if you are still needing some users for that, let me know. You mentioned before you wanted customers that had 3 users or more. I only have 1 for now, but like you, I have been doing this a long time, have both ramped up and down my MSP, so I probably have more experience than required, and would love to chime in with my experience and voice.

Hey Mike, as far as the focus group is concerned, that has been running for a few weeks now and those slots have all been filled. That said, there are other opportunities on the horizon that will have different requirements to participate. When it comes time for that I will do an open call again, and I hope you’ll throw your hat in the ring.

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