We’re evolving our brand and want your feedback!

We’re evolving our brand and want your feedback! As our partners, we want to take you along on the journey with us and would love to hear your input. Complete the survey here!

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Sorry @BrianMorris it should be public now.

Next question! Which is best? 1 or 5?

Why do I have to sign in using Google to complete the survey?
Put the survey in SurveyMonkey and I’ll fill it out.
Or send me the survey by email and I’ll fill it out.

Please make this accessible without having to login to Google. Redo in SurveyMonkey.

@canden.hicks , I’ll fill this out if you could let us know if 5 is best or 1 is best.

Still requires a log in. I’ll second the others’ comments about using a platform that doesn’t require external auth.

Add a question about the cephalopod logo :laughing:

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback and participation of those who filled out the survey. I’ve given the feedback to the team of using survey monkey or a method that doesn’t require a login.