User has no email when adding a private note

No really sure where to put this but, we have a user that for some reason when you go to leave a note on a ticket there email address does not show up as the recipient of the private note so they never receive the notification.

any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Private notes don’t email out, they are internal only. The only thing that emails out is the Email option. Public notes do not email out either, but will be included in an Email update.

There is a notification that gets sent out to the assigned technician when entering a private note if the user entering it not the currently assigned technician.
All of our technicians have that except one and i can’t figure out why :slight_smile:

I get what you mean now. I just checked a few tickets with our users on them and it just says No Email for all. We have “Copy private Ticket update emails to hidden comment email” off in Ticket settings, so that makes sense. I am only aware of one section that affects individual users and that’s Admin > Syncro Administration > Users. If that all looks the same, then I have nothing else for you, maybe someone can chime in or it’s a Support issue.

Yea i tried there, thanks for your input though much appreciated!

Hi @anon29971384

When you say their email address does not show up as the recipient, do you mean they’re not receiving the notification that their assigned ticket has been updated with a hidden comment/private note? If so, please check that the Notification Set for this user is active/still active if it was set before at Admin> Notification Center. The setting for this user would likely be “Email” for “Ticket - A hidden comment was added to my Ticket”

Has there been an update on this? We now have two techs with the same issue and we can’t figure it out.

Hi @frank2, have you turned on the notification above for the techs experiencing this issue?