Unable to view Customer tabs (Contacts, Credentials, Assets, etc.)

Along with much slower and partially unreliable service the past few weeks, I’ve noticed today I am unable to view the sub tabs of a customer, for example, the Contacts, Credentials, Assets. When I click on those tabs, the web address changes like it should (#contacts), but nothing happens on the screen.

In addition, when typing a customer name, it used to auto search and give results. Now, it’s just unresponsive.

(and yes, I’ve cleared my history, cache, etc.)

I’ve tried different connections and different devices and it’s all the same. This makes my job very hard if I cannot view information about my customers.

Strange, I’ve not seen any of those behaviors.

I know some of those tabs are dynamically loaded, so there may be some sort of network blocking going on. Do the devices you’ve used share the same ISP or DNS providor or firewall or security software? You can probably go into the browser’s developer view and be able to see if there are failures in loading.