Ticket Efficiency reports

Yeah we are hearing this a lot from folks that were already trying to implement some version of this prior to the release of these reports. It was cool you were already thinking that way with how you have your ticketing structured.

For the in/out thing you were talking about, I’ve never seen it done that way before. If we had subtypes would that solve it? You could have “Not Booting” as the starting type, and then move into a subtype for your out type? I’ve seen a lot of requests around subtype, which is why I am wondering if we could potentially nail two requests there at the same time.

@andy, something else SyncroMSP should implement, is the concept of valid ticket status transitions, and preventing invalid transistions.
For example it should not be possible to have a ticket begin with the new status, be changed to resolved, and then be changed back to the new status. This can impact reporting.

Sure, technicians can be told “don’t do things like that”, but manually enforcing that is hard from a management point of view. Baking it into the platform in a way that can be configured by the Manager to suit business processes is much better.

I’d add this as a feature request.